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There are a lot of official tasks you can accomplish online, in order to provide you with a safe method of identification the DigiD personal online identity has been developed. With this login information you can use various official websites and other services to access your personal information.

How to apply for a DigiD

You first go to the DigiD website. You will have to fill in the required fields and choose your personal username and password.
You will need your BSN (Citizen Service Number) in order to apply for a DigiD account, and a Dutch mobile phone number.
You will receive the activation code by regular mail at the Dutch address you have entered during the application within five days.
After activation you can use DigiD at various governmental websites and services.

Where can I use my DigiD?

The use of DigiD is not limited to governmental organisations.
Here are some services that require DigiD for login:

● Many cities including Rotterdam
● Health insurance companies
● Hospitals
● Various other insurers like car insurance
● Pension funds
● UVW unemployment agency
● DUO for students
● KvK Chamber of Commerce

Login using DigiD

When you encounter a website that uses DigiD always make sure you are visiting a genuine site or service. Beware of phishing attempts and spoof sites that try to steal your information. There are three methods to log in:

  1. Username and password
  2. Username and password with additional text message (SMS) verification
  3. Using the official DigiD app

Although two-factor authorization is safer, make sure you are able to receive text messages on your phone. For the DigiD app you will need a smartphone with the app installed. There is a timeout on the login process, if you wait too long you will need to logon again.

For more information contact your RRelocation agent or visit the FAQ page: