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Expat Info

Expat info

You have arrived in Rotterdam, now you will encounter many new rules, regulations, terms and conditions you should adhere too. Don’t worry, RRelocation is there for you! In Dutch culture we’re quite adept at creating administrative hoops to jump through, which can make it a bit daunting for a new resident. Below you will find several links that lead to pages with some information to get you settled. For more information you can always contact your personal RRelocation account manager.


All the things you need to know...



The Burger Service Number or Citizen Service Number is your unique registration number that will make it easier for public authorities to share information concerning Dutch residents.

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You can take care of many official tasks online, in order to verify your identity online the personal DigiD login works easy and quick. With this login you can save yourself a lot of time you’d otherwise spend on the phone or at municipal buildings.

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Make sure you have all your insurances in order such as life insurance, travel insurance, liability insurance or legal aid insurance. Although some standard insurances can be arranged by your employer, some other insurances have to be chosen personally.

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Local taxes in Rotterdam

In every municipality you will have to pay local taxes. These can vary from city to city like taxes on your house or a pet. Read more about the most common taxes in Rotterdam.

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National taxes

Apart from the local taxes there are also national taxes, some of these are handled on your payment slip. But you will still have to take care of other taxes. Many Dutch residents choose to hire an accountant for this job but you could do it yourself.

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Opening a bank account

In The Netherlands most people use cash or an ATM card we call “pinpas”, credit cards are less common. You can open a bank account at several banks, online banking is also popular and very convenient to take care of your financial business and payments online.

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Renting a house

Rotterdam is a great place to live because the rental prices are low compared to Amsterdam. However, finding a suitable location can be daunting. RRelocation will help you find the perfect spot, on this page we will give you some practical advice about renting in Rotterdam.

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