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It’s no big secret that most Dutch citizens are over-insured. There are many types of insurance that overlap, and insurance companies are not exactly inclined to tell you that. That said, apart from some mandatory insurances like health insurance it can be wise to apply for some additional insurances for some peace of mind. Below you will find some information about common insurances in Rotterdam and The Netherlands, if you have any further questions just reach out to your RRelocation agent.


In The Netherlands we have universal healthcare for all citizens, foreigners can usually not benefit for subsidized healthcare. In any case you have the option which insurer you will choose. You can take out a special expat insurance if that fits better with your requirements.


Motor vehicle insurance

If you drive a car you will have to take out a motor vehicle insurance. This also applies to motorbikes and scooters, but not to cyclists. The minimum (WA) insurance means the other party is insured but not you or your vehicle. You can add various other options if you wish. Obviously a valid driver’s license will be required, also for scooters.

Life insurance

We sincerely hope you will stay healthy and alive in Rotterdam, but just in case a life insurance could provide you and your family with some comfort and assurance.

Liability insurance

An accident hides in small corners” is a famous Dutch proverb, if you are in a situation where damages to people or possessions is likely, a liability insurance might be the right choice for you.

Legal aid insurance

If you run into legal issues a lawyer could cost you dearly. With legal aid insurance you can make sure a judicial case will not cost you an arm and a leg. There is also a free “Juridische Helpdesk” for your questions concerning legal issues.ving.

Travel insurance

Some insurances already include travel insurance in the package, if you travel a lot check if this type of additional insurance could benefit you.

Don’t forget to read the fine print, and ask for an English version of the terms and conditions.