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What can you do in Rotterdam? Perhaps the question should be; what can’t you do in Rotterdam? This Dutch city is the port of Europe with the enormous amount of ships entering and leaving this continent on a daily basis. Rotterdam might be considered the “second city” by some, but true connoisseurs know better! In fact, the best feature of our neighbor Amsterdam are the roads that lead to Rotterdam! On this page you will find some basic information about the sights and attractions of the city, and a blog where we will keep you up-to- date about what’s happening around these parts.

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Why visit Rotterdam?

  • Experience the rich history and culture of the city and country in our fine museums.
  • Enjoy the fine dining experiences and the delicious world cuisine at affordable prices.
  • We have conquered the sea and lived to tell the tale, enjoy the rivers of Rotterdam or visit the beaches nearby.
  • The architecture that lurks around every corner is a unique sight to see and turns the city into an open air museum.
  • Shop ‘till you drop in the various shopping malls, megastores and hole-in-the-wall specialty shops.
  • Rotterdam is a true melting pot of cultures and citizens, don’t be shy and mingle with the diverse population.

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It happens in Rotterdam

The British news outlet The Independent made the bold claim that “Rotterdam beats
Amsterdam”. Don’t get us wrong, we didn’t even know there was a battle, but we have to admit Rotterdam is indeed a special city. If you visit here for the first time we suggest you take some time and soak in the atmosphere. Travel around by public transportation, take a  water taxi or hop around on a bike. Be careful though, cycling in Holland is not limited to recreational activities, bikes pop up everywhere and at any time! Take a look below for some great sights to see and special events that take place in Rotterdam.