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Local taxes

Local taxes in Rotterdam

There are national taxes and local taxes to be paid. The municipality Rotterdam will send you a tax form every year in which your local contributions are stated. If you are a home owner, or if you own a dog, you will have to pay additional taxes for those. On this page we will provide you with some basic information about local taxes, for more information contact RRelocation. You can also ask a tax advisor or an accountant. Do note; the occupation of tax advisor is not a protected profession, accountant is an official title.

Tax payment procedure

You will automatically receive an Accept Giro (bank transfer) from the municipality and Delfland Water Board in January by regular mail. You can pay directly to the stated account number, do not forget to mention the unique payment number. Online banking makes this process quite easy, apps can even automatically scan all the information for you.

House owner

For housing owners you will pay household waste, water and sewage tax. You will also be charged for OZB (Onroerendezaakbelasting). The amount of taxes is based on a one-person or multi-person household. The OZB tax is calculated based on the value of your house or apartment based on the WOZ-waarde.

House renter

You will most likely have to pay for household tax and water tax. This includes the removal of household waste. The rate differs depending on a single-person household or multi-person household. The water tax is collected through the Delfland Water Board and is the same for every household regardless of the number of occupants.

Dog owner

You can own every (legal) pet free of taxation in Rotterdam with the exception of dogs. You are required by law to report ownership of a dog to the Gemeentebelastingen Rotterdam (municipal tax authority). Or else you will have to pay a considerable fine if caught.