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bank account

Opening a bank account

You should start your life in Rotterdam with the application of your personal BSN registration. After that task is over and done with, you can take care of other business like opening a bank account.
Do you want to send or receive funds and make payments? In that case a Dutch bank account will prove invaluable.
Cash transactions are used less every day.

Which bank to choose?

You can choose whichever banks you feel comfortable with, look around on the various websites and see their services.
Some banks offer specific support for expats.
Apart from the larger, traditional banks like ABN AMRO, ING en Rabobank there are also smaller banks and even internet-only banks.
For an internet-only bank check the legal status and insurance in The Netherlands, not all online banks have the EU protection and financial guarantees.

Requirements for a bank account

There is some information you need to show in order to open a bank account:

  • Your personal BSN (Citizen Service Number)
  • Valid identification method, passport or European identity card
  • Documentation of residency in Rotterdam such as an MVV
  • Deposit for your bank account (this can be a minimal amount)
  • Contract of employment if applicable

You will need to make an appointment with your bank first. In Dutch you can look for “afspraak maken” or “maak een afspraak” on the website of the chosen bank. Remember that the Dutch are very punctual, don’t be too late!


Pinpas en Pinnen

In Dutch culture cash transactions are declining rapidly, the debit card is the option of choice. It’s safe and convenient, most standard bank accounts will provide you with a standard debit
card. You will find more and more bars and restaurants only accept card payments. Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are not always accepted in regular stores, American Express even less so. Because debit cards conform to the Maestro standard you can use all standard ATM’s from all banks without additional charges throughout The Netherlands and most European countries.

It’s entirely possible you will spend most if not all of your time in Rotterdam without a single Euro in your pocket, ask your bank for more information or contact your RRelocation agent.