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RRelocation for employees

RRelocation provides tailor made services for housing of different individuals, If you are looking for suitable accommodation of your employees we will find it for you. On this page you can read a bit more about our method and communication, for specific inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

RRelocation for employees

The first step is to invite a company representative for an assessment of the requirements, preferences and specific wishes of the employee. This conversation can be conducted in person, it is also possible to arrange an online meeting, by telephone, live chat or messaging services. Once we have all the required information we can start to:

  • Find a number of locations that fit the requirements.
  • Provide the representative with an on-site tour of the potential accommodations.
  • We can take photographs or record video clips to show the employee or employer.
  • The contract negotiations and contract evaluation can be conducted by our representative.
  • All utilities and arrangements can be made for your employee.

Foreign employees need to take care of many national and local registrations and applications. We can guide the employee through this entire process. Furthermore, we can book flight tickets, make reservations for transfers and even furnish the entire apartment or house. Please contact us for a tailor made solution for you employees.

More than housing in Rotterdam

Finding a suitable accommodation is the first step, RRelocation can also take care of other tasks like finding a school or daycare center for children of the employees, selecting appropriate service providers like a physician, dentist, sports facilities etc. It can be a great start if our personal account manager informs the employee about the city of Rotterdam, the Dutch culture and how to get around in the city.


RRelocation provides full service solutions for your employees in Rotterdam. Contact us today for more information and advice without further commitments.