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Relocation for Individuals

At RRelocation we provide tailor made services for all our clients. Whether you are an expat or a Dutch citizen, we have the solution for you.
On this page you will find a basic description for each category and the services rendered. For custom inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us.


RRelocation for expats

We always start with a personal conversation; in person, by mail, chat or phone, whatever is convenient for you.
Based on your requirements we will go to work for you. We can:

● Find the right accommodation.
● Show you the location in person.
● If you are unable to visit we can take photos and record video.
● We will negotiate with the owners and check the contract.
● All the utilities will be arranged and set up for use.

Furthermore we can book flight tickets, furnish your new home in the municipality of Rotterdam, apply for citizen registration and other services, take care of transportation and get you acquainted with the city. Contact us to find out more.

RRelocation for Dutch citizens

First we will invite you for an introductory conversation in which your specific requirements,
options and preferences shall be noted. We can conduct this interview in person, by telephone or through digital communications. Based on the information you provide we can:

● Search for suitable options.
● Personally show you the potential locations.
● If you can not be there in person we can take pictures and videos for you to examine.
● We can make all the arrangements with the owner including contract negotiations.
● Also the utilities will be installed and registered for you.

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For Dutch citizens additional registration, BSN and DigiD services are usually not required. We will always try to find you the perfect spot, although the housing market in Rotterdam does not always offer a wide range of suitable accommodations. Please contact us for more information..