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Rotterdam Expats

Relocation Services


Relocation Services

RRelocation provides relocation services for international expats, foreign students and Dutch citizens who are looking for a suitable house or appartment in Rotterdam. Thanks to our extensive experience and large network we will find suitable housing for each and every client. On this page we will explain the basics of our service and our methods. For more information please contact us.

The RRelocation method

Before we get to work it is important to get to know you first. We can conduct our primary interview in person, by telephone, email, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or even text messages. Wherever you are situated and however you would like to communicate with us, we are available for the introductory conversation. Once we have acquired your personal information, requirements and preferences we can go to work with our homesearching in Rotterdam and make sure you will find suitable housing with confidence and convenience.

We are your eyes

Once we have selected suitable facilities we will take you on a trip and show you the options. It’s possible you are not available to inspect the accommodations by yourself. In that case we are more than willing to visit the locations and provide you with photographs and video recordings that our representatives will make for you.

We’ve found a match, now what?

You’ve fallen in love with an apartment, studio or completely furnished house and you want to move in right away! Now we can enter negotiations with the proprietor, evaluate the contract, take care of the utilities and more. Everything you need to move in we can take care of.

And there is more!

RRelocation is a full service organization, we provide A to Z services for our customers if required. Think of services like:

  • Book your flight tickets and transfers from the airport.
  • Get you acquainted with the city of Rotterdam.
  • Take care of registrations such as BSN and DigiD.
  • Find a suitable school of daycare center for you children.
  • Furnishing the entire house or apartment.

For more information about relocation to Rotterdam please contact us!

RRelocation is here to help!

So what are you waiting for? Send us an email or give us a call…


CALL US: +31 10 200 12 34