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Renting a house

Renting a house

With reasonable rates and spacious rooms Rotterdam is a great place to rent an apartment or house. There are some things to consider though, on this page we will provide you with some basic information. For specific questions or for full-service relocation services you can contact RRelocation directly.

Rental contracts

In The Netherlands we have so-called “social housing” and “liberalized housing”. The social housing accommodations are subject to specific laws and regulations in order to provide (low income) residents with affordable housing. This can result in very long waiting periods for an appropriate house, over ten years is not an exception. Liberalized housing is easier to attain, but the rates are usually considerably higher. However, smart bargaining can improve your options and contract terms & conditions.

A usual rental contract will start at one year, there are housing agencies that offer short term contracts for expats and students. After the first year a one month notice will apply. Dutch law tends to protect residing tenants, unlike some other European countries. There is a maximum percentage of rent increase every year for instance.

Furnished house in Rotterdam

You can expect appartments and houses to be rented out “kaal” meaning empty. Upholstery and furniture are usually not included, unless you specifically search for these types of accommodations. There are short-stay and long-stay hotel and B&B accommodations, but the rates are considerably higher. If you decide to furnish your apartment or house be careful with carpets, wood or tiles and upholstery. If you leave the location you will have to make sure everything is cleaned out, or risk a heavy fine.

RRelocation can find the perfect accommodation for you and negotiate the rental contract, even if you or your employee is not currently residing in Rotterdam. Contact us for more information.

Housing permit

Some areas in Rotterdam require a housing permit HVV (Huisvestingsvergunning). You need to apply for a housing permit at the Public Services Department of the municipality, call +31 (0)10 2671 625 for more information. This is required for the following areas and streets:

  • Bloemhof
  • Carnisse
  • Hillesluis
  • Oud Charlois
  • Tarwewijk
  • Delfshaven streets: Grote Visserijstraat, Mathenesserdijk, Mathenesserweg, Schiedamseweg, Willem Buytewechstraat, Vierambachtstraat, ‘s-Gravendijkwal, 1e Middellandstraat, 2e Middellandstraat and Middellandplein.